Merge when ready

"Merge when ready" is Graphite's equivalent to GitHub's automerge. By enabling merge when ready on a single PR or a stack of PRs, you're granting Graphite permission to merge the PR(s) after all branch protection rules have been met.

Enable merge when ready for a single PR

To enable merge when ready for a PR, activate the toggle next to the merge button.


Merge when ready is only available if the PR is in a non-mergeable state. If the PR is mergeable, the merge when ready toggle will be disabled.

Enable merge when ready for a stack

You can quickly enable merge when ready for a stack by navigating to the top-most PR in the stack and toggling on merge when ready for that PR. Graphite will show you a confirmation modal asking whether or not you want to enable merge when ready on all downstack PRs.

Graphite will show the same confirmation modal when disabling merge when ready for any PR in the middle or top of a stack.