Graphite CLI V1 Command Names

The upcoming CLI v1 release will include a shift in the naming scheme for Graphite CLI commands. The topline summary is that we are removing the noun-verb model and moving to a flat command naming scheme. Thank you to the members of our community who gave us feedback on these changes!

For those of you who have been with us for a while and gotten used to the commands as they've been for almost two years, don't worry! The old names will continue to work for the next few versions, with gentle reminders to use the new names.

And perhaps more importantly, we are also introducing a custom aliasing system that allows you to use any command names you want. You can configure it by editing the .graphite_aliases file in your home directory, which will appear as soon as you update to v1 (or turn on the preview via environment variable).

See the Legacy alias preset subpage for a list of aliases that replicates the old command names.

If you're reading this before v1's release and just can't wait to check out the new names and aliasing system, you can export GT_RENAME=1 in your shell config file (i.e. .zshrc/.bashrc) to enable aliasing and the new command names.

We will be updating the rest of the documentation with the new command names soon following the release of v1.

Command nameDefault aliasOld command name
gt creategt cgt branch create
gt modifygt mgt commit amend
gt modify --commitgt m -cgt commit create
gt submitgt sgt downstack submit
gt submit --stackgt ssgt stack submit
gt syncgt repo sync
gt checkoutgt cogt branch checkout
gt loggt lgt log
gt log shortgt lsgt log short
gt log longgt llgt log long
gt infogt branch info
gt upgt ugt branch up
gt downgt dgt branch down
gt topgt tgt branch top
gt bottomgt bgt branch bottom
gt authgt auth
gt initgt repo init
gt configgt user <config>/gt repo <config>
gt movegt upstack onto
gt reordergt downstack edit
gt renamegt rngt branch rename
gt deletegt dlgt branch delete
gt popgt branch unbranch
gt getgt downstack get
gt foldgt branch fold
gt splitgt spgt branch split
gt squashgt sqgt branch squash
gt restackgt rgt <scope> restack
gt modify --interactive-rebasegt branch edit
gt trackgt trgt stack/downstack track
gt untrackgt utrgt branch untrack
gt feedbackgt feedback
gt dashgt dash
gt docsgt docs
gt changeloggt changelog
gt continuegt contgt continue
gt mergegt mggt downstack merge
gt completiongt completion
gt fishgt fish