Legacy alias preset

Copy the following into your .graphite_aliases file to replicate the legacy command names. This will remove deprecation warnings when the old names are used.

# Edit this file to configure aliases for Graphite commands.
# If you delete this file, it will be recreated with the default aliases.
# The first word of each line is the alias, and the rest is the command.
# Lines starting with # are ignored.
# The following line shows an example of the formatting:
# ssu submit --stack --update
# `gt ssu` will now run `gt submit --stack --update`
# SOURCE: https://graphite.dev/docs/legacy-alias-preset
bc create
ca modify
cc modify --commit
dss submit
bs submit
ss submit --stack
uss submit --stack
rs repo sync
bco checkout
bi info
bu up
bd down
bt top
bb bottom
ri init
uso move --onto
dse reorder
brn rename
bdl delete
dsg get
bf fold
bsp split
bsq squash
br restack --only
usr restack --upstack
dsr restack --downstack
sr restack
be modify --interactive-rebase
btr track
but untrack
dsm merge