Customizing your PR inboxes

Setting & updating repos

During onboarding, you chose a set of "global repos" to use with the Graphite dashboard. By default, all of your PR inbox sections will use these global repos, which you can view & update using the repo selector in the upper left of the dashboard:

If you want to use a different set of repos for a particular section, you can click "Default repos selected" in the upper right of the section and choose different repos from the dropdown.

Customizing a section's filters

If you want to customize a section's filters, click the ⚙️ icon in the upper right of the section to open the section editing modal:

From this modal, you can update the section name and filters, choose whether to include PRs in the section on the favicon badge count, and delete the section.

Creating a new section

If you want to add a new section, just click "add section" on the left side navigation bar to open the section creation modal:

Rearranging sections

To rearrange your sections, just drag and drop the two horizontal lines at the top of each section:



Once you've set up your PR inboxes to your liking, we recommend you bookmark the Graphite dashboard and use it as your daily starting point for code review!