Getting started with the dashboard



Syncing repositories with the Graphite dashboard may take some time (especially if you're syncing quite a few), so don't be alarmed if your dashboard isn't populated right away.

Getting set up with the Graphite dashboard is easy, and just requires you to provide Graphite with certain access/permissions to your GitHub repositories. To do so:

  • Sign in with GitHub at

  • Select one or more of the repos you most frequently work in. .

  • Graphite will create 6 default sections of pull requests in your repos:

    • Needs your review - any PRs where you (or your team) have been tagged as a reviewer

    • Returned to you - PRs you created on which reviewers requested your changes

    • Approved - PRs you authored that have been approved

    • Merging and recently merged - any PRs in the selected default repositories that are in the process of or have already merged

    • Drafts - PRs you authored that are in the draft state

    • Waiting for reviewers - your PRs which are waiting for review

    • Waiting for author - any PRs in the selected default repositories that are waiting for their authors to make necessary changes

Now that you have your dashboard set up, let's take a look at how you can use your PR inbox.