How to use your PR inbox

As mentioned earlier, Graphite automatically divides your PR inbox into 6 default sections. Let's break down the anatomy of these sections, what each symbol means, and how you can use them to expedite your review flow.

Section header

A) Section name

The name of the section that you're viewing. By default, Graphite creates 6 sections: Needs your review, returned to you, approved, merging and recently merged, drafts, waiting for reviewers, and waiting for author

B) PR count

The number of PRs that belong to this section

C) Search

You can click this icon to search for a PR within a given section

D) Repository selection

By default, each section displays PRs for the default repositories you've selected. If you'd like to have a section for a specific repositories, you can override the default behavior here.

E) Sort

Sort PRs in a section by title, size of change, updated timestamp, and created timestamp. By default, PRs are sorted by when they were last updated.

F) Reminders

You can opt into sending section-based digests in notification settings. Toggle this option to include/exclude this section's PRs from the digest.

G) Settings

Adjust the section's name, filter conditions, and whether or not the section's PRs contribute to the count in the favicon of the Graphite webpage.

Pull request entry

A) PR status/approval status

PR status has a few different states: draft mode, needs review, changes requested, approved, and merged

B) PR author

The avatar for the author of the PR

C) PR title

The title of the PR, as well as a subheader containing the author's GitHub username, the repository the PR belongs to, and the PR#

D) Labels

You can add labels to a PR via the PR page. If a PR is associated with any labels, they will show up here.

E) Review facepile

Avatars of all users who were requested to review this PR

F) Threads resolved/Threads opened

This icon shows the number of threads that were resolved in comparison with the number of threads that were opened

G) Position in stack

Shows the current PR's position in the stack in comparison with the total number of PRs in the stack

H) CI status

Icon that shows whether CI status is in progress, failing, or passing

I) Merge conflicts

Icon that shows whether the PR is mergable or has merge conflicts

J) Changeset indicator

Shows the number of lines that were removed/added for this PR

K) Last updated timestamp

Shows how long it has been since the PR was last updated