Keyboard shortcuts

There are keyboard shortcuts for nearly every action in the Graphite app to make editing and reviewing pull requests even faster.

You can view a panel of keyboard shortcuts in the app at any time by hitting ?.


Go to PR inboxG then I
Go to merge activityG then M
Go to insightsG then T
Go to settingsG then S
Open docsG then D
Invite othersG then R
Go to meme libraryG then /
Send feedbackG then F
Go to automationsG then A

Reviewing pull requests

Hide/show sidebarH
Show general infoA
Show timelineT
Show filesF
Show stackS
Show versionsV
Finish reviewR
Approve pull requestR then Y
Comment on pull requestR then C
Request changes on pull requestR then N
Jump to next threadSHIFT ↓
Jump to previous threadSHIFT ↑
View upstack pull request⌘ SHIFT ↑
View downstack pull request⌘ SHIFT ↓
Copy link to GitHubL then G
Return to PR inboxEsc

Editing a pull request

Edit titleE then T
Edit labelsE then L
Edit reviewersE then R
Edit descriptionE then D
Edit assigneesE than A
Publish pull requestP
Convert to draftSHIFT P
Close pull request⌘ SHIFT X
Reopen pull request⌘ SHIFT O
Merge pull requestM