Navigating a stack

Let's say this is the state of your repo - Graphite makes it easy to navigate!

> gt log
◉ pp--06-14-part_3 (current)
│ 8 seconds ago
│ 95338df - part 3
◯ pp--06-14-part_2
│ 8 seconds ago
│ 95610c6 - part 2
◯ pp--06-14-part_1
│ 27 seconds ago
│ 48cd85e - part 1
◯ main
│ 5 weeks ago

Checking out a branch

Branches in Graphite are just git branches under the hood - you can check them out with native git, but the easiest way is to use gt branch checkout:

# checkout pp--06-14-part_1
gt branch checkout pp--06-14-part_1

If you aren't sure which branch you want to checkout, you can also use gt branch checkout in interactive mode:

> gt branch checkout
? Checkout a branch (autocomplete or arrow keys)
❯ pp--06-14-part_1

Now, you can see in gt log short you're on part_1 as intended:

> gt ls
◯ pp--06-14-part_3
◯ pp--06-14-part_2
◉ pp--06-14-part_1
◯ main

Moving up and down a stack

Sometimes you want to move to the branch directly above or below the current branch in a stack. Graphite's CLI makes this easy:

# check out the branch directly up-stack (in this case part_2)
gt branch up
# check out the branch directly down-stack (in this case back to part_1)
gt branch down
# move multiple branches at a time (up to part_3)
gt branch up 2
# move multiple branches at a time (back to main)
gt branch down 3
# move to the tip of the stack (back to part_3)
gt branch top
# move to the base of the stack, not including main (to part_1)
gt branch bottom



If you find yourself navigating a stack which splits into smaller stacks, gt branch up and gt branch top will ask which child branch you'd like to checkout if there's ever ambiguity.

Now that you're comfortable with the basics of creating a stack and navigating around it, let's submit your changes!