Why you should use Graphite

Graphite is a code review platform built on top of GitHub that makes it fast and easy to create, manage, and review stacks of pull requests.

Graphite puts developer experience first, giving you all of the features you’ve been missing on GitHub: stacked pull requests, intelligent notifications, an advanced, filtered PR inbox, and a completely redesigned CLI that automates tedious complexity like squashing and rebasing. 

“Stacking” with Graphite empowers you to:

  • Stay unblocked. With stacking, you can keep moving forward and never wait for a code review again.

  • Upgrade from vanilla Git. Create pull requests much faster and automate away tedious Git complexity such as squashing, rebasing, and cleaning up stale branches.

  • Get even more out of the tools you love. Easily manage stacks of PRs with a CLI, web app, and VS Code extension that are built for speed and simplicity. 

  • Stay on top of feedback & review requests. Filter out the noise with targeted, actionable notifications in Slack when you need to act on a PR.

With Graphite, engineers spend more time shipping code and less time wrestling with their workflow.

Graphite is designed to make your developer experience even better as your team grows. And with real-time syncing with GitHub, you can use Graphite even if the rest of your team doesn’t yet.

Among active users, we see an overall decrease of 65% in time elapsed between merged pull requests once they start using Graphite. Across companies, we found that it takes on average 16% less time before a PR is reviewed, compared to before they started using Graphite.

Fast-growing companies like Ramp, say it’s significantly easier to review PRs with Graphite because you’re only looking at the portion of the PR that’s relevant to you.

  • High-quality code review: stacking encourages smaller pull requests, meaning less context is needed for reviewers to provide meaningful feedback.

  • Faster code review: you can see the PRs awaiting your review either through the PR inbox or customizable and actionable Slack notifications. 

  • A “greener” trunk branch: Graphite's stack-aware Merge Queue helps teams ship faster while keeping their trunk branch green.

  • Useful metrics: with everyone using Graphite, your team can see how your Insights (like number of review cycles until merge, or time until review) improve over time.

  • Memes! add color to code review with your own memes and GIFs.

It’s easy to share Graphite with your teammates. Use the Invite others option in the bottom left of the Graphite App to send a link or email invitation.

You can also set up a demo! We’re happy to support your team with a live demo—just email support@graphite.dev to schedule.