Pricing FAQ
Your pricing questions, answered.

We have a ton of resources for Graphite champions. Here are just a few:

There is no individual tier of Graphite. However, Graphite is free to use on personal repos.

Your trial ends either one month after the team was created, or when you purchase a Graphite Standard subscription—whichever comes first. The trial starts with the creation of the team, not when a user signs up for Graphite.

If your trial ends and you haven’t upgraded, your account will be placed into read-only mode. In read-only mode, you can still log into Graphite, and all stacks and PRs you’ve already created will continue to exist on GitHub and be viewable through Graphite; however, you will not be able to create, review, or merge additional PRs through Graphite.

Eligibility for the free Standard plan is assessed on an annual basis. Graphite Standard will remain free for qualifying startups for at least one year, and will continue to stay free for as long as your team is eligible.

Potentially! Reach out to our team to check your eligibility. Please include the link to the GitHub org, link to the website, and a brief description of the project.

Look out for an email update soon about how to switch over to Graphite Standard.

We accept payment via credit card and ACH debit. Billing is managed via Stripe.

Yes! Sometimes teams require a finance admin to make the purchase. Simply click on Upgrade team from team billing settings, copy the URL of the Stripe portal (starts with, and send it to whoever is making the purchase.

As you add members to your team, Graphite will automatically calculate the number of seats to bill. We do not currently support adding “empty” seats to a team or setting a seat cap. Team admins can manage seats by adding and removing users.

No; you can only be part of one team at any given time.

No; if you would like to consolidate your Graphite teams, contact us.